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Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas PYE?

As you may already know, John Taylor ( a HUGE supporter of the Mustard Seed - and previous chairman) died very suddenly last Sunday.  Our thoughts are with Ann and family.  John would want us all to give our 100% support to the Mustard Seed - as he did. 

And as you almost certainly already know, one of Faringdon's more illustrious forebears was Henry James Pye : builder of the existing Faringdon House, and still acclaimed as the worst Poet Laureate EVER. 
With only thirty days to go before Christmas - and only one week before the Christmas Hamper Deadline (next Friday 3rd December) , this is the kind of doggerel he might have come up with to highlight the occasion  - and the Hamper Contents:

On the thirtieth day before Christmas,
my true love made a hamper for me  - containing  (I warned you he was bad) Twelve fairtrade chocolates,
Eleven fairtrade biscuits,
Ten fairtrade cakes,
Nine fairtrade bags,
Eight fairtrade snacks,
Seven fairtrade honies,
Six fairtrade jams,
Five fairtrade mints,
Four fairtrade flapjacks,
Three fairtrade chutneys,
Two geobars,
And a lovely cup of fairtrade tea! 

Alternatively - a picture paints a thousand words. Here's a snapshot of the Vogt family living room:

And - homophonically speaking - have you spotted the horde of pigeons standing guard over the hoard of hamper-contents ?
It's not too late to put in your Hamper Order(s). 
There's three off-the-shelf sizes:  HUGE 14.99, ENORMOUS 19.99  & HUMUNGOUS 24.99  - or you can specify your own size.
Last orders for hamper(s) is NEXT Friday December 3rd  - in one week exactly.   Delivery is then on or before Sunday 19th December - well in time for Christmas.
You can order by phone (01367-241707) or email ( or ORDER ONLINE HERE .  You can tailor your hamper(s) entirely to your own preferences - or enjoy the convenience of letting Karen do the choosing. With wine or without wine.  Fairtrade Contents, Biodegradable wrapping. NO CHARGE for making.
That special someone is going to SO enjoy that special treat ....  

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