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Friday 11 May 2012

Tickets for the Olympics: Now Available from the Mustard Seed

"Excuse me - are you a Pole Vaulter"  ? 
"No - I am a German - but how did you know my name vos Wolter? " 

This is just one typical exchange now overheard in the Mustard Seed  - ever since we've been selling tickets to all the extra special Olympic events. (These are the events that get slotted in at the last minute  -  to give Team-GB a shot at a medal).

As you can see, the new Mustard Seed logo now incorporates five interlocking rings, very appropriately representing the World's five interdependent continents. Yes - helping the underdog is what it's all about - whether that's Team-GB or third world farmers.

Last week, the all new dedicated training facilities in the courtyard behind the Mustard Seed were fully tested by Eddie the Eagle (couldn't keep his hands off the new CRISP'N'CHEWY caramel bars), and next week we're flooding the whole courtyard for Eric the Eel. We've got in extra stock of the new CHOC'N'TOFFEE bars: apparently he's addicted to them (By the way - can anyone offer him board & lodging for the next three months? ) .

Tickets still available at the Mustard Seed include:

and the

as well as the

John Cleese has been roped in as specialist coach.

Anyway - if YOU believe in helping the underdog, then the Mustard Seed is the place to come.

P.S.  Here's another one of those overheard snippets between two celebrity athletes who happened to be mooching around in the Mustard Seed yesterday:

"What's the shortest race in the Olympics?" 
"The Chinese I think" .

Well, what do you think?

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