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Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Bookies now Open for Business

Yes that's right: get your dosh out & come down to the Mustard Seed to check out the new Bookies! 
Life's a lottery as they say, but if you play your cards right - even when the odds seem stacked against you - take a chance on the Mustard Seed and the guaranteed returns will soon get you back on track. 
So - go on! It may be Twitter's 5th Birthday tomorrow, but FLUTTER is now the new Twitter!  Have a little Flutter. Get your Leggies into gear to see the new Bookies at the Mustard Seed. Bookies especially for Lent.   
Ah yes. Lent.   Lent is an interesting word don't you think? Especially when used in the context of bookies. "I lent him that bookie" - actually means that you probably won't see it again until you trip over it at a jumble sale.   
And there's not only the new bookies to see - but also the new Christian Marketplace Magazine: in print and online - and full of new bookies. Click on the image below to view it in full, or pick up your copy at the Mustard Seed.
Here's another interesting thing. For most Bookies you have to be at least 18 years old;  but not at the Mustard Seed .  Ankle biters, nippers, rugrats, sprogs &  munchkins all welcome.

And - talking of munchkins, Delia Smith for once is not cooking bookies about cookies. This time she's cooked up a real feast with her forty reflections.

Forty. That reminds me. Apparently, Australians  think that you fast during Lent for "Forty Nights" because they pronounce it " For Tea - Na Eats"  - but that's another story .

Anyway - back to the Mustard Seed. Did you know that ABBA even wrote a song about our little shop full of big surprises?

If you want a read,
Come to Mustard Seed
Take a chance indeed.
If you don't want greed.
It's the place to go, 
For your mind to grow,
To fulfil your need
Come to Mustard Seed

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