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Monday, 13 December 2010

Giraffes, Caraffes, & Riffraffes

One of our ilk ( or should I use the more seasonal "elk" ? )  spotted a clever justaposition of elegant necks in the Mustard Seed window this morning.
On the right of the window is a long-necked GIRAFFE  - and on the left is a long-necked CARAFFE .  Both beautiful, both looking at each other slightly confused (that'll be the wine) , and both wanting to tell you where you can put your leftover cooking RIFFRAFFE.

There's only two places in Faringdon where you can buy them  - and one of them isn't Budgens.

1. In the Mustard Seed.  Rolls of THIRTY, for £2.99    (10p per bag)

2. In the other place .  Rolls of TWENTY FIVE,  for £3.60  (14.5p per bag)

Wow!  Now that really IS something to talk about at parties - and to rush round to tell your friends & neighbours . What an ice breaker eh?  "Did you know that in the Mustard Seed ....      "

(And as if that isn't enough,  the Mustard Seed ones actually fit better too, AND they're better value than Tescos, Sainsburys, Waitrose...). 

Yep. The Mustard Seed: for all your giraffes, caraffes, and riffraffes. 

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